Blind //

I’m currently living with one foot hanging off a cliff.. while the other is firmly rooted into the earth. I think I’ve lived most of my life in this way but this time it’s different. It’s not intentionally reckless or irresponsible. It’s a future full of unknown responsibilities and reckless abandonment in love. It’s a new life behind a frosted glass that I can’t quite make out what’s happening. It’s an old silent movie that screams to be noticed. Around me there are so many sounds, loud, chaotic, & all at once. But all my heart will let in is a gentle hum that allows my soul to rest.
There’s a large black unknown in the distance that requires me to jump. Unroot my foot. Dive from that cliff. I’m searching deep for courage and am uncovering a mirage of emotions I’ve never known existed. This spectrum of feelings will be my new existence.
I am stepping into motherhood.
Watch me jump.


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