Fight fear

“Fear will always establish the limits of your life.” – Pete Wilson

Today has been one of those days where it’s apparent how much fear has been holding me back. It’s to the point where I’m letting down those I love the most.

I’m scared of looking stupid.
I’m scared of not being taken seriously.
I’m scared of putting myself “out there” & being rejected.

I never thought of myself as a prideful person but what am I to lose if one of those fears actually happened? Damage my ego? Pride? Embarrass me for 10 seconds?

I can’t help but wonder what opportunities I’ve already missed out on because of this flaw – this limit created out of fear. I don’t want to look back on my life and wish I hadn’t taken myself so seriously.

Life isn’t about being super serious for me. It’s about taking risks and having fun. I am constricting myself from that life due to fear but not anymore. I am going to fight fear, break through my own barriers and not take myself so seriously. I’m going to have fun. Care less what others think. and be brave.

Today, I am a strong, brave and confident woman who doesn’t let fear control her decisions.


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