The Big Picture

So the past few weeks have been a nesting blur. In 12 days, Robbie and I have put our crib together, painted the walls, decorated, found a white dresser on Craigslist, ordered and washed everything, organized baby shower gifts, disinfected bottles, nipples and pumps, etc etc etc. Why the sense of urgency? I’m due Feb 21st and it’s Feb 13th.
Most of my days the last few weeks have been consumed with beating the clock. I have no idea when labor will start and I want everything to be ready when it happens… But then it hit me. Why don’t I live the rest of my life like this? I should always live my life with that same sense of urgency because I don’t know when my last day is. My time could be up on my way to dinner tonight. I almost felt a bit foolish for the time I had invested in nesting as opposed to how little that reflects my actual life.
Yes, I’m excited and yes I want to be prepared.. But after the baby comes, what will I be that excited about next? I want to dedicate my time wisely because just like waiting on labor, I don’t know when I’ll be out of time on this planet.
I want to live my life with a fierce respect of my time here, and take advantage of opportunities before me and not fall to laziness.
This is the one life I’ve been given, and I want to honor it by using it well.


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