Hazel’s Here! : Birth Story

February 15th, at 1:30pm, my water broke.

I saw God in so much of my day. I’ve been slowly leaking amniotic fluid for a couple of days but not enough to write home about. Finally on Sunday I got a good sample of it to test and send to my midwife and sure enough, the PH was high enough for her to feel confident that I could go ahead and make my way to The Farm sometime that afternoon. We were due for a “snow storm” that night and into the morning so the timing couldn’t have been better. We had already grocery shopped that morning too. Robbie and I took our time getting ready, packing, etc when my water for real broke. I had no idea how to contain it.. It was surreal. After that, we started to hustle. Got the car packed, was having light contractions on our way (1 hour drive). When we got to the farm, we got into our birth cabin, got settled in and started walking around to move labor along. Not long after that, I was laying in bed getting really intense contractions while Robbie read a book to me about how to conduct a staff meeting. I had made a playlist for labor and delivery that played the whole time. My labor progressed quickly to the point that when I was checked for the first time I was already fully dilated. The plan was to have a water birth but Hazel was quickly on her way and we didn’t have time. I pushed in 4 different positions and ended up delivering on the birthing stool. It was intense! As soon as her head came out Robbie and I looked at each other with a look that doesn’t have words. I guess shock and amazement could come close to describing it. As soon as her whole body came out, I could feel tears on my shoulder from Robbie. That’s something I’ll never forget. She just looked around and didn’t cry. The only time she cried was when they suctioned her mouth. Baby Hazel was born at 9:59pm: 7 lbs, 19.5 inches long. Labored for 7 hours. Thankfully, I didn’t tear during delivery and I didn’t poop during labor! When Hazel was born, I got to hold her, skin to skin, while I birthed the placenta and waited for the cord to stop pulsing. Robbie cut the cord. After I birthed the placenta I started getting light-headed. I was losing quite a bit of blood so they laid me down on the bed next to Hazel. One of the midwives drew up some Pitocin but after they massaged my uterus the bleeding subsided enough and my blood pressure was normal. I stayed laying down or sitting up most of the remainder of the night.

The snow storm turned out to be mostly an ice storm which equally sucks when driving. We’ll probably stay at the farm for a few more nights while I recover and still have the midwives close for monitoring and follow-up visits. We’ve learned so much from them!
So far Robbie’s changed all of her diapers and has become a master swaddler in 24 hours. I’m doing good just to walk to the bathroom and back to bed right now from being weak but that’ll subside over the next day or so. I’m not in any pain when laying down and only have slight discomfort when going to the bathroom. I’ve got some healing to do. Haha
My placenta is currently being turned into pills by Sara Rosser so i can take them to help elevate any postpartum depression and help stabilize my hormonal balance.
I’m so happy with my birth experience. I was so encouraged the entire time. Robbie and my midwives were amazing. Hazel is a great baby, and we love her very much. If we ever had another baby, I wouldn’t hesitate returning to The Farm.


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8 thoughts on “Hazel’s Here! : Birth Story

  1. Intense. So intense. Isn’t it interesting how pain is met with joy? Immense joy. You are incredible and we’ve been thinking about you and Robbie. You did it mama– now your journey begins. God blesses us with so much grace ❤️

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