My Week on The Farm

Robbie and I spent a week at The Farm postpartum and it was incredible. My midwives present at my birth were Deborah, Pamela, Sara and Carrie. My primary midwife, Deborah, came over every day to check on me, monitor Hazel, and just to hang out for a couple of hours. She served us so well while we stayed there. She knitted Hazel a hat and crocheted little booties for her that are adorable, she let us borrow her laptop to watch a movie, and taught me how to use a breast pump, answered my many first-time mom questions, among many other things. The midwives at The Farm are so generous and kind and just overall really wonderful people. If Robbie and I ever have another baby, I wouldn’t hesitate to return to The Farm for my prenatal’s, delivery, and postpartum care. I learned so much that week.. it boosted my self-confidence as a mother that I could actually tackle this thing called motherhood. 

The day after delivery, Hazel started to look a little yellow.. and sure enough she developed some jaundice. The whites of her eyes looked yellow, her little belly was yellow… I called her my little pumpkin. Deborah and Pamela monitored her over the next few days during house visits and recommended we put her in indirect sunlight to burn off the excess bilirubin in her skin. It’s amazing how well something that simple worked. We all kept an eye on her the next 5 days and her colored started to return to normal. We think the reason she had jaundice is because of a blood incompatibility between me and Robbie. I’m O+ and Robbie may be A something.. we tried to find out before her birth but was unsuccessful.

Hazel had also lost some weight the first 3 days to the point where we thought it would be a good idea to supplement with Formula, on top of breastfeeding. [I had a breast reduction when I was 18 so I was prepared that I may not make any milk at all so the fact that I’m making some is awesome] I was more than happy to do this and had already bought some formula from Germany I kind of liked in case something like this happened. Carrie showed and educated me on breastfeeding and gave me some good tips. I’ve been taking some herbal lactation pills recommended by Deborah to increase milk supply which has really been helping, and I’m pumping so that I know for sure Hazel is getting something from me.

I can totally tell that my hormones have crashed since giving birth and I’ve always been very sensitive to hormonal changes. I’ve been taking my placenta pills every day and I feel like they’re helping stabilize things. Sara also made placenta art which is pretty awesome – matches her room perfectly, and will be hanging on the wall as soon as I can find a frame that’ll work 🙂

Deborah, Sara and Carrie came over to the house a few days ago to hang out for a minute, and check on Hazel. They weighed her and she’s almost back up to her birth weight! So the breastfeeding, pumping, and formula feeding has been a success!! This regimen has really been beneficial to Hazel so we’ll continue it as long as we need to. Perfect world scenario, I would be making enough breast-milk to sustain her BUT it’s not a perfect world and I’m just thankful and thrilled that I’m making any at all to give her. 

Thank you Deborah, Pamela, Sara and Carrie for a special experience that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.


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