Giving Every Minute a Name

Hazel has been with us for almost 3 weeks. So far, she’s still breathing. Every day I keep her alive is a success. [First-time-mom syndrome]. Time seems to slip through my fingers these days. I feed her every 3 hours – diaper change, breastfeed, bottle feed, diaper change, swaddle, put her down and pump. By the time I’m done with my routine, an hour and a half has passed and then I clean the bottle and pump parts for the next go around. By the time I finished with all of this, I have a little over an hour until my routine starts again. In this precious hour I can eat, work on Eden, take a shower,  do laundry (and try to remember to put the clothes in the dryer), straighten up the house, make more baby wipes, restock the nursery with diapers, take out the trash from her room, start dinner, clean up after dinner, workout (when I’m at least 6 weeks postpartum), or rest. It’s crazy how insanely busy I can be in a day, and when I try to tell Robbie what I’ve done or accomplished, I draw a blank… but I’ve been hustling from 6:15am – 10:30pm.

When people say being  a parent is a “full-time job”… what they mean is a “full-time job with overtime but has great benefits.”

There’s so much that needs [or I want] to get done in a day and I’ve done a good job not getting overwhelmed [yet]. Since she is on a schedule, it gives me the opportunity to schedule out my time and priorities as well, once she’s put down and content until the next feeding. It’s like “giving every dollar a name”, except with my minutes.

My goal over the next few weeks is to identify what needs to get done, and what I’d like to do and mesh that in with Hazel’s schedule.

Hazel has been such a little sweet gift to our family. She sleeps well at night and during the day, she’s fussy only when we change her and when she’s about to eat, and she likes to snuggle 🙂

If you’re wondering where I’ve found time to write this blog post, it’s after my 6:30am feeding. This is the time where I can have breakfast, get on the computer and take a shower. I don’t know what I would do without my baby monitor. It helps being able to see her in her crib, knowing she’s not suffocating on something, or crying.

Getting me on a schedule with Hazel will be good for us. I won’t feel as aimless and I’ll have something to shoot for every day. I also don’t want the things I’d like to accomplish in my day to overshadow my priceless time with Hazel either.

It’s a balancing act. Time is a funny thing.


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