Leaky Gut Diet + GAPS Shenanigans

So I just want to start out by saying I’m not even sure I’m doing this thing right… so call it a modified diet x 100.

I’ve been getting asked a lot what I’m eating, why I’m doing this, etc. so I figured the best way to keep everyone posted / updated with my progress would be to just fire up this old blog.

The WHY:

So if you don’t like poop stories, just go ahead and close this browser.. or tab.. or whatever it’s called. (not the most tech savvy here and definitely not bashful about poop) Here we go!

End of February Hazel and I got the flu with GI symptoms.

*9 weeks ago* A few months ago my daughter Hazel had a nasty bout of what I self diagnosed as Rotavirus. She had diarrhea 10+ times a day for 5-7 days. It was horrible. Then Robbie got it and he’s never had GI issues in his life (no joke..)  but somehow I dodged this, and I catch everything from Hazel.

*7 weeks ago* A couple of weeks go by and she accidentally pooped on the carpet and steps in it (a different story) and in the process of cleaning her up and the poopie carpet, I catch the nasties within 24 hours. Rotavirus is spread by contact with stool, and at the amount I was elbow deep in, I caught it. This was about 6 weeks ago. It got so bad I had to sleep in the bathroom next to the toilet because I was going every 5 minutes. This lasted almost 10 days. I never fully felt recovered. Just somewhat better to function.

*5 weeks ago*  Robbie and I went to Mexico and you guessed it.. I picked up travelers diarrhea. Spent a big portion of our vacation in the bathroom.

Since then, I’ve had maybe 2 normal poops in probably 7 weeks. I’ve lost 12 pounds in the past 2 months and I can’t say it’s from working out. Since we’ve moved to Raleigh we’ve been getting into the whole craft beer thing and have really enjoyed it but I also believe that all the yeast in the beer, combined with all these chronic ailments I’ve been facing has been just a tornado of doom on my bowels.

This is where I’m at now. I’ve started back going to the gym last week and I’ve combined aspects of the leaky gut diet and GAPS into my current diet. Basically, I’ve added a lot of fermented foods, increased vegetable intake (like salads), bone broths, probiotics, etc. And I’ve cut out grains, seeds, nuts, beans, corn, soy, dairy and most alcohol. While I want to be disciplined in this, I also don’t want to have a restrictive diet mentality because I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts on how damaging that mind set is and what a slippery slope it can be. To keep a healthy balance, I’ve temporarily cut out my daily glass of red wine but I still have a couple of drinks with Robbie on our date night on Tuesday and on Friday night when we watch a movie together. I don’t drink any other time during the week. I do have a cheat meal on Tuesdays that I haven’t given up yet on this adventure and I hope not to. I really look forward to our soul food together on Tuesdays. The weekends food wise is what got me last weekend. Saturdays we have a sitter for 2 hours and typically go somewhere to hangout for bit and lately we’ve been really liking this bakery called YellowDog. They have the BEST sticky buns (which I didn’t even realized I liked until I got one there). So I chowed down on this sugary food with little remorse. Then I made dinner and ate the quinoa noodles which I wasn’t supposed to do and Sunday morning I had bad diarrhea. PROBABLY the sticky bun. All that sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your gut and Lord knows my gut is all wacky right now. Then Sunday rolls around and I vow to be good and after church we like to go to a bakery with Hazel so she can get her one and only cheat item for the week, a croissant. Well, I wasn’t going to get anything but Robbie acted surprised that I didn’t order so being the person I am with the weakest will ever, I ordered something buttery and flaky and cheesy and all the wrong things for me. It was delicious! (Note to self: Prepare Robbie before we go out that I can’t eat, less temptation). That night I didn’t think it even mattered since I messed up that morning, and Robbie wanted Chinese… so why not. I got Chinese too! You guessed it… diarrhea x 3 this morning.

Monday’s are always refreshing because it’s the beginning of the week, my meals are planned, and my will is renewed. The weekends are hard for me because I want to participate with my family. Instead of reaching for a sticky bun, I should reach for a better option. And if I don’t want to order something, I should just let my family know I’m not ordering before we get there. No surprises for anymore, including myself.

Last week I confided in Robbie with how horrible I’ve been feeling so he ordered a parasite cleanse. We’ve been taking that since Saturday too so I can’t help but wonder if maybe this cleanse is also giving me diarrhea. I’ve never had GI issues like this before for so long. It’s draining. But the healthy food has given me good energy and I’m keeping a positive attitude. I know your mental state can have a huge impact on physical health too.

OK – enough poop talk. I’ll keep you all update with the foods I’m eating, and how my tummy is progressing… if that’s your cut of tea. 😉